Captain America: Civil War

As a fan of Marvel movies, (funny how they’ve become a genre now) I quite enjoyed this one. Batman vs Superman, a comparison because its proximity of release, was quite the let down.

•••••• Spoiler Alert ••••••

The “new” Batman, the tension between their “big” fight or the various fight scenes was no match for Civil War. Despite a 50+ superheroes and mutants war dwindled down to 6 on 6, the fight at the airport was quite interesting. Spider-Man and Antman didn’t come off as a weakling, whereas Batman at the fight against Doomsday looked more like a Spidey, the way he kept shooting gadgets on the run. Plus I quite like this new talkative youngster as Spider-Man, though his hottie Aunt May not so much. The final fight between Iron man and Cap’t was intense, I almost thought Ironman was gonna get fatally wounded at quite a few points. Loved Vision and Wanda. Although less build up was given for they’re supposedly big decision, everything seemed quite self-explanatory.

At the opening, James “Bucky” Buchanon is defrosted, the winter solder within activated with seemingly random string of words, to take on a mission, which is alluringly revealed yet remains hidden at the very end.

Next scene shows Cap America leading Falcon, Wanda, Romanoff on their next mission to retrieve a biochemical weapon. Whilst everyone is suited up, Romanoff/Black Widow, fights in casual clothes, bur with beautifully choreographed moves. The mission ends with collateral damage that guilts Cap America and Wanda and also brings on US Secretary of State to sign the Sokovia Accords by 117 countries.

Tony Starks, guilt ridden by the damage caused in Age of Ultron, decidedly agrees to oversight, followed by War Machine, and surprisingly Romanoff, then Vision,

Captain America inherently distrustful of modern-day diplomacy, believing the agreement will hinder their missions, and that ultimately everyone is answerable to themselves, further confirmed at the funeral of his first and only love and founding member of SHIELD, Margaret “Peggy” Carter, when her niece Sharon Carter quoted “Compromise where you can. Where you can’t, don’t.”

The signing of the Accord at Vienna doesn’t go as planned, when a bomb goes off killing King T’Chaka of Wakanda, and his son T’Challa takes it into his own hand to kill Bucky, whose sighting is announced via news (and everyone just believes it??).

The ensuing chase scene with Black Panther after Bucky, Cap’t and Falcon to the rescue is stopped by Ironman who brings them to an office instead of prison and tries to convince Rogers to sign the Accord, almost succeeding until he mentions having Wanda confined by Vision. Rogers’ and Falcon’s suits are confiscated, with Falcon’s listed as “bird costume”. Meanwhile, Winter Soldier gets activated during,…


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