A place to go to when in need,
a place with your family and relatives,
a place you feel comfortable in,
a place to relax…

Overnight, I had to leave the place where I have lived the past 3 years. Had to pack all my belongings, load them onto a gogovan, and now I am back at my parent’s place. I know they’ll offer me a roof over my head, I know they’ll take me in, because I’m family, because they can. Ever since I remember, I often hear my grandma tell us how difficult life was back then, how she had to live in a small apartment with three other families! She’d then go on and talk about how hard it was to make ends meet and that buying their first home was a gamble as their next paycheck was always uncertain. But they made it. They got their first apartment, which they rented rooms out to two other families, and later switched for a bigger apartment and used the rent to buy an even bigger apartment. That’s also why my parents always felt it was so important to have a roof and a home. So now I have a nicely furnished second floor to myself (until my sister comes back) with a decent sized washroom, 2 bedrooms, study, store room, and living room. Something I probably can’t afford myself. Nevertheless, can’t dismiss the feeling; I’m homeless now.

(I feel like such an ungrateful wretch to be posting this 😔)


A penny for your thoughts; two for your comments!

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