A Roof Over My Head

I was lost
Now I’ve found…

Just last week, I was feeling all homeless and lost. Last two weeks I’ve been tooth-combing housing sites for a cheap affordable places, we’ve contacted various agents and were taken all around HK island. We visited places that make us internally cringe to places that makes my wallet ashamed. Some were in great locations but were so small it could only fit a bed, some had “shower facilities” that required standing in front of the loo, some had a manga store and LGBT sauna room downstairs, and some had three security guards on duty (is that good or bad?). Compared with our three storey townhouse, these were all subdivided into 3-4 units from an apartment that is almost to size of one floor of our townhouse. Most of all, I saw a very different side of making a living in Hong Kong.

Finally we decided a place in Fortress Hill, right opposite the MTR station. The room, the bigger subdivided unit amongst 4, is between a slightly smaller unit and two other really small units. It overlooks the main street and the MTR station, and thankfully, it doesn’t seem too loud nor are their annoying neon lights. There’s a security guard situated downstairs on the ground floor. The street is lined with a range of restaurants and small stores. There’s a covered bridge that crosses the street and leads to the MTR station which is great for rainy days (for a gal who always forgets her umbrella). There’s also a zebra crossing on either ends of the block. Grocery stores and the wet market with a library is all within walking distance. The only thing this area lacks compared to Causeway Bay, is a nice Victoria Park for exercising and Pokemon catching, although i guess it’s still within 15-20minutes walk.

The unit, or suites (套房) as it’s affectionately named, contains it’s own washroom with a shower stall. The kitchen unit has a sink, electric stove, ventilator/hood, small fridge, and a washing machine. There’s two cupboards one up next to the ventilator and one under the sink. The rest of the room contains a double bed with three drawers underneath, a small white table which can extend slightly larger, a foldable chair, a TV with cable box and wifi. It also contains a huge black sofa which can lie back with foot rests but that pretty much uses up the whole free space. There’s also a closet which is skinnier than me and i can already foresee my clothes not fitting, not to mention it takes up valuable window space as it almost blocks one of the two windows that open, humph.

At least it’s a place where i can feel free to be myself… ;D



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