Vancouver’17 Day 1

SATURDAY 2017MAY27 Day 1



Been hoping, planning, dreaming to be back, and today is the day I’ll be packing my bare essentials and flying back, as a tourist for two weeks, but it feels like I’m going home…

20:20 The plane starts taxiing, our long awaited trip is finally rolling! The first conceptualisation of the trip started the end of 2016, upon hearing Claudia’s wedding date, how can I not go support my sister (well 堂妹 to be exact, but, same difference!). It wasn’t as easy, and quite a few times I thought it was a goner, that I had flushed away my plane ticket or to break a promise to a sister. Also, I had to put up with quite some BS for taking this vacation, something about how short staffed we were down to being a teachers pet, ugh, we’re outta high school, stop the drama!! I was on the verge of quitting in April, just to ensure I’d finish my two month notice in time for this special weekend, thankfully it didn’t need to be so drastic. And I’m just so thankful, after almost 7 years, to finally be on my way to Vancouver again!!!!

20:37 Finally we take off!! Vancouver couldn’t come fast enough, but then why not enjoy the ride! Plane rides equals marathon movies for me. So despite having a night shift and then packing till dawn two nights in a row, I struggled a little to stay awake and watch my movies!

22:22 Dinner while watching Passengers. Hm, is it a good idea to watch aero flight disasters while on a plane? Well, at least the people beside me aren’t in hyper sleep, and i should be happy if planes got so big we could grow a garden or do morning exercise, instead of watching my leg muscles cramp up.

02:00 Penguins. Cute and Cuddly. Just smile and wave!

04:25 Life of pets. Sorely wanted to watch this before due to the great reviews from friends, but you know me and animated cartoons (thing about me still feeling I don’t need a big screen to watch em). So I now get a tiny screen. And I’m dead tired and I dozed off multiple times during the movie and end up needing to rewind and rewind.

06:00 Breakfast is served. There is congee and an egg option. A server from the back drops a platter of meals, hope she didn’t get into too much trouble. My eggs are a tad burnt. Butter and airplane buns are good though.

Monster university. There really isn’t time for it, and between the pauses of captain’s landing announcements, Mike Wazowski has just met Sullivan.

07:25 Finally, after almost seven years (or 6 years, 9 months and 26 days to be exact), I am back in Vancouver, my home town! So touched that I almost feel like crying, except I’m also too excited, and I’m all jumpy. I think Kinhi wanted to put me on a leash…

All of a sudden, everything was so exciting! The overhead signs with “🇨🇦 arrivals”, or the line up for “🇨🇦Canadian passports” just got my blood pumping! Finally we passed customs successfully, and proceed to luggage retrieval. Here I’m once again reminded we’re on Canadian grounds, because the luggage carousel took forever to start up, and even when it did, it would randomly stop because two or more pieces would get lodged together and someone would manually need to go detangle them. There was quite a scare as we waited for our one and last piece of luggage, the one where we managed to stuff both our clothes and daily necessities of two weeks into, did not show up even as the carousel made its last few rounds and came to a halt. The shock settling in coupled with Kinhi’s comments on wearing the same outfit for days until our lost luggage was found, was starting to scare me, and I start running round and round the carousel in search of our luggage. Eventually resigned to the fact our luggage might really be lost, I asked an airport staff where we should go to report lost luggage, when he pointed me to carousel 35 for oversized luggages! And yay, fashion crisis adverted!!!! At this particular moment, overhead announcements decided to remind passengers to identify their luggage properly to avoid wearing someone else’s fashion choices, hmm, useful tidbit, one step ahead of you boy!

With all our luggages in tow, we’re ready to leave the airport! The first store that greets me upon leaving customs, is Tim Hortons!!!! And just as I start drooling for an Ice Capp, we’re found out by Jo and off we head in search of her car! Aiyayayyayaia~

Dinner was a lovely home cooked affair and most pleasurable. Played awhile with To仔 and made the mistake of play punching Kinhi in his presence, and he started imitating with real strength punches, yeouch! Although, in my defence, I sorely doubt I’m the one that taught him! Unfortunately, although it was still bright and early and the suggestion for a after dinner stroll was tempting, Kinhi had a bunch of work stuff to finish and I think I’m just exhausted. Zzzz…


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