2017May28 • Vancouver Day 2

2017May28 • Sunday
Vancouver, BC, Canada • Day 2

Weather: sunny and hot


11:44 “The true beginning of a holiday, is knowledge that one can sleep in till whenever.” Em, yeah, quote by Da. Because of our laziness and self proclaimed excuses, we left the house much later than planned. We piled into Joanna and Alan’s car on our way to brunch, with Claudia driving her own. 

12:29 Denny’s, all day breakfast!!


Open 24hrs, and known for their generous portions, we used to come here for late night food and hangouts. Today, we’re here for actually brunch, haha. Kik ordered a Quesadilla, I got the infamous lumberjack (coz K wanted a share of it), and Kinhi got his burger and fries. I accidentally ordered two strawberry smoothies despite planning to share one with Kik, as I thought she had forgotten to order. And Denny’s doesn’t just give you one huge glass, they give you the leftovers in a tumbler so you can refill, so we probably drank 3 glasses total! Probably not a good idea as our next attraction was…






13:31 Tim Hortons. My first ice capp of the trip, yummy~~


14:06 Micheals. Buying some wedding decoration stuff for Claudia’s big day.


15:00 Lockdown Escape Room: Death Trap!! Luckily they had nice toilets which they told us to go after we signed waivers
. Didn’t help that we’re talking about old to shows of “Goosebumps” and “Are You Afraid of the Dark” opening scenes, most scary episode, and how most horror stories start as someone gets segregated from the group😱. The “Death Trap” room was suggested as it accommodated larger groups of up to 8. After watching a educational video and lock demonstration, we were blind folded and dragged and cuffed in two separate rooms and forced to watch a creepy video…mu~ha~ha~ha~😱. The general gist is to find a way to free yourself and the next room where your teammates are then figure out how to escape…mu~ha~ha… okay stop it! I think we had great teamwork, just poor hand-eye coordination, haha! Did we escape? Hmmm..



16:38 McArthurGlen Vancouver designer outlets.
Address: 1000-7899 Templeton Station Rd, Richmond, BC, V7B 0B7.


The first shop that always catches my eye was Coach, but they had a small line up which I just don’t wanna partake in. Shopped around at Guess first although nothing looked amazing. Eventually the line up dispersed and we went into Coach, there were quite a good sale with another 50% discount. Bought a matching white crossbody bag with Jo! Yay! The guys were probably bored beyond relief as we meticulously carpet-searched the whole store for better deals, hahaha!


Still wasn’t able to find a good clutch though. Next to appease the gentlemen, we went to Asics, Crabtree & Evelyn, David’s tea, Hugo Boss, Lindt Chocolate, Nike…etc. Claudia had to leave midway to pick up her fiancé.



20:13 Vietnamese noodles at Golden Village, Richmond. (What’s the name of the place??) Some say Canadian Vietnamese noodles tasted more authentic than HK counterparts; today’s tasted fine by me!




21:30 Nightmarket! I was just working up an appetite for night market street food, but the lineup for cars was just way too long, and we’d probably only have an hour or so upon entering, which would be a waste of the admission fee. Too bad. On a side note, a car couple spaces in front of us had been blinking hazard lights for awhile, when the driver just stepped out of his car leaving it parked next to the curb (where parking is not allowed) and walked off…



Instead, we got free 7-11 fried chicken coupons, which we took out and devoured at home, finger-lickin’ good!

We also took a look at phone/data cards but they were expensive beyond belief. I’m talking $30 CAD for 200mb of data, the only option available at this convenience store. Wow!



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