2017May29 • Vancouver Day 3

2017May29 • Monday
Vancouver, BC, Canada • Day 1

13:00 Metrotown! Met up with Vincent and went to Metrotown.

13:22 白玉蘭麵家, Crystal Mall.
Crystal mall 麗晶廣場 is a separate mall within couple minutes walking distance from Metropolis Metrotown or Station square and is geared towards the Chinese community of Burnaby, BC. It’s a two storey round structure with its own parking underneath and because of this odd shape and with the amount of Chinese going to and from, parking used to be so annoying! This time we just parked at Station Square and walked over. My favourite stores used to be simpro, a shop which had imported cell phones and data plans, USED TO, probably gone by now with all the big telecommunication companies, not that I had the time to check.


13:22 白玉蘭麵家 Shanghai dimsum house LTD.
Address: 麗晶廣場美食中心2110鋪 (Crystal Mall food court)
*USED TO* be my favourite siulongbao 小籠包 place with their very juicy 小籠包 and生煎包, affordable price and good location. It made for a great meal when I wasn’t really hungry. The menu looked pretty much the same, though I don’t remember how much the prices have changed. We ordered two steamer baskets of siulongbao and one of shengjianbao, which both tasted just as good as before! Unfortunately, both my friends felt unwell after eating there, and I’ve heard horror stories of finding “surprises” within. So sad. Sigh!




Second bad experience: So as my friends got the food, I went off to find a seat (knowing how many people go there nowadays); found a small table at the far end near the window and sat down just enjoying the scenery. A scene I never actually took the time to enjoy back then. A group of mainlanders (yes that accent!) started moving chairs over and ready to settle down, NEVER EVEN THINKING of asking whether those seats were taken! So (since others were getting me food, the least I could do was protect their seats and belongings!) I said “Sorry, there’s someone sitting there”. They harrumph-ed off without a word of apologies. Da only internally sighs and shrugs it off. The mainland group found another table not far off, congratulations, but then they strut over, and again without a single word, TOOK MY CHAIRS AWAY!!!! Sometimes, it’s really no surprise why Chinese are looked down upon wherever they go, even I feel a small contempt for those who don’t even bother with normal politeness or the effects of their actions on others. Sigh. What can I do. Off in search of more chairs.

14:28 Dollarama, a dollar store where not everything is exactly a dollar, hehe. Oh well, at least it’s cheaper than other alternatives for things that don’t need super high quality. Socks $3.36.

14:47 Superstore. The Canadian Superstore. Why do I have a feeling their shopping carts just got bigger? Maybe I just haven’t seen such in a long time.

15:32 Tim Hortons. When planning for this trip, I swore to get an Ice Capp every single day, hmm, but it’s probably not too realistic, no duh! Trying their new raspberry smoothies instead, pretty good!




17:40 Costco. For wholesale warehouse prices. They don’t carry a big range of products, but for things they do carry, they sell it in pretty big bulks and at lower prices, if you have the membership cards.


20:30 Gyu King teppanyaki 御牛燒.
Address: 219-755 Burrard Street.
Phone: 604.688.7050
A little annoyed that although we made a booking for 20:30 and we arrived 5 minutes early, whilst everyone else got seated before us. Their food better be amazing. it was a nice meal, the chef was amiable, generally a lovely dinner.









22:45 Although it felt really late given the bedtime hours in this country, there were still some stores open in downtown area. One we stopped by was a Japanese snack shop, but given we visit Japan few times a year and 759 stores in Hong Kong, this one was expensive at best.



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