2017May30 • Vancouver Day 4

2017May30 • Tuesday

Vancouver, BC, Canada • Day 4

15:54 Given the amount of things we wanted to do in Vancouver, it would have been efficient to pack each and every day, but i guess i wanted to just enjoy being home. Took Bus #49 to Metrotown to just do some general shopping.


16:34 First meal of the day was A&W, haha, yeah ‘cause we don’t have that in Hong Kong. Had a BBQ sauce teen burger meal with fries and root beer, yum yum!

18:15 Le Chateau. A fashion company founded in 1959 in Montreal Quebec Canada that used to sell overstock from an old company when it first formed, to nowadays selling fashion forward casual and formal wear, evening wear and even foot wear. Its a wonder why i used to dress more “formal” than nowadays, haha.


18:20 Payless shoes. An American discount shoe store. Nice cheap alternative for a range of shoe styles. 

18:30 T&T. Met up with Kiki, and bought 3 huge packs of instant udon for $10.29 ($2.99 each). Talk about bulk purchases. However, we totally forgot to get body soap and shampoo and conditioner, haha!

19:14 Purdy’s chocolate. A Canadian chocolatier and confectionary manufacturer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was founded in 1907 by Richard C. Purdy, who moved from London, Ontario to British Columbia after the death of his wife, had a fascination with confectionaries and began experimenting with chocolate recipes and set up his first shop on Robson Street in Vancouver. The iconic hedgehog line of chocolates was introduced in early ’90s, and considered the “flagship” of the company’s product line.

The gift boxes were rather expensive, so we only got a couple assorted ones to tickle our taste buds! 2 hedgehog, ice wine truffle, and a coconut cluster for CAD$4.13. Yum!


Realised rather late that today was 端午節 and suddenly Auntie’s offer of eating 粽子 made perfect sense. Feeling this should be a family dinner kinda day, we nominated Kelly to call back, whom she very politely asked if there was gonna be dinner together for “中午節”…

Maybe it was meant to be, we had to leave early for “certain reasons”, and bought a roast chicken for CAD$7~9, and some salad. I’ve been seeing soooo many people buy roast chicken from Costco (like 90% shoppers) that it was quite stuck in my mind, although we got ours from Superstore. Kelly made us soup udon. In my haste to split the udon before the soup got soaked up, the bowls managed to make an extra dip in “hot water”, hahaha, but thanks to Kinhi and Kelly for not pointing me out on it for the sake of my pride, although I’m pretty sure everyone saw it. Hahahaha…


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