2017May31 • Vancouver Day 5

2017May31 • Wednesday
Vancouver, BC, Canada • Day 5

Didn’t leave the house till 2,3pm, and since that was way to late to meet someone for lunch, and I was feeling lazy again, we once again went to Metrotown, hahaha! The downfalls of not having a car!!

16:06 A&W (again). Teen burger with root beer and sweet potato fries, yum! Also added a blueberry pie, but I think the meal was too filling already, and it was too sweet.


17:25 Guess. Got a pretty pink quilted crossbody bag with detachable straps for CAD$80. Was kinda disappointed as they only had the display unit and wasn’t willing to give a discount. Although one of the sales said the downtown store had two more, and that we could refund it later, oh well, why not, haha!

17:51 Garage. A clothing retailer founded under The Garage Clothing Company in 1975 with its headquarters in Ville-Mont Royale, Montreal, Quebec and targeting the teenage demographic, Garage often had nice affordable streetwear.

17:52 Dynamite. Also founded The Garage Clothing Company in 1975 this time targeting a slightly more mature population providing casual to work wear.

Hmm… I think I must have gone shopping crazy for the rest of the day. Somehow I haven’t much recollection of what else I did…XDDD



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