2017Jun02 • Vancouver Day 7

2017Jun02 • Friday
Vancouver, BC, Canada • Day 7

11:35 Met up with a Simon So. Time sure flies, it’s been 10 years since I’ve last seen him, despite him working in Hong Kong all this time! Had a really great time catching up!!

12:17 Pho Century Fine Vietnamese cuisine.
Address: 6701 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5E 1E4
Hours: 11AM~12AM
Got two Vietnamese soup vermicelli, for &16.61. The food great, atmosphere was nice, populated but not too crowded, and the owner(?) was VERY patient when taking our photos! Oh, and another embarrassing moment when, I was picking up coin after coin of change until the very last one, yep, I had totally forgotten to give tips (the servers and Mr. 低調 totally looked like 😱😱😱) XP.




13:38 Bubble Waffle cafe 雞蛋仔. A nice bubble tea joint with good milk tea bubble tea, and waffles, and Hong Kong style snacks, and even western breakfast!




16:00 Back at Metrotown and shopped around some more.

17:07 Winners. One of the first off-price department stores founded in 1982 in Toronto Ontario by David Margolis and Neil Rosenberg. Merged with TJX Companies targeting a niche similar to the American sister company, T. J. Maxx, it sells a broad series of products at up to 20-60% of specialty store prices!
Meant to look for a wallet (with coin compartment which was close to non-existent), ended up buying a nice belt for CAD$22.39.




17:45 Enterprise car rental. Made it here before their closing time, because according to online, it was cheaper to rent for an extra day than to start on a Saturday, not that we had much time to pick it up.
Hours: Sat 09-12:00, Mon 08-18:00



18:09 We have a car! So at $57.99 per day, total $336.90, we have ourselves a pretty green beetle. Initially I didn’t quite like the murky green colour, and tried to ask for a different one. But this was already a secret upgrade, and the other one on offer was a white ??? that had a weird smell or a green Hyundai. Hehe, guess I like me green beetle after all! Kinhi drove home, and I drove around the block a bit, glad I still know my directions. Especially when “someone” (ahem) tells me to start the car with my foot over the accelerator. Teehee!

18:56 Claudia’s 上頭儀式 tonight.
上頭儀式: 男女雙方在婚禮前,擇定良辰(男方要比女方早一小時前),進行上頭儀式。儀式須由「好命佬」及「好命婆」(是男女雙方的長輩或親友,擇父母子女健在,婚姻和睦者)在男女雙方各自家中舉行。 一對新人皆要穿上睡衣,女方宜選一個看到月亮的窗口,桌上點著龍鳳燭,清香一炷,連同蓮子、紅棗、湯丸三碗,每碗六或九個、生果、燒肉及雞,心向當天參拜。 男女雙方亦要準備尺、鏡、剪刀,即所謂「龍頭鏡、較剪尺」,取光明繼後意思。「好命佬」及「好命婆」替新人梳頭,一面梳,一面說:一梳梳到尾 二梳梳到白髮齊眉 三梳梳到兒孫滿地 四梳梳到四條銀筍盡標齊 事實上,上頭是象徵一對新人已步入「成人」階段,並祝福他們同偕白首。
Had a lovely family dinner together. Then had dessert as we waited for the “lucky” hour to start. Stayed up till almost 3am chatting as Claudia gets her last minute things ready for their big day tomorrow. Miss those days when we’d chat thru the night, with the penalty on whoever falls asleep first needs to pay $5, but no one was awake enough to enforce it…🤣






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