2017Jun07 • Vancouver Day 12

2017Jun07 • Wednesday

Vancouver, BC, Canada • Day 12


13:35 Kitty 斑斑 decided he wanted to come into our room bright and early. After sniffing around, he played with K’s hanger which kept dangling in front of him almost out of reach and moving to-and-fro, “what is this abomination?” he must have been thinking as he swatted at it trying to bring it down. Not used to changing with a kitty in the room, Da obviously took longer than usual to get prepared and by then figured we’d just have a quick lunch at Metrotown.




17:35 Central Park BBQ. Despite being so close by, rarely do we have time to go in and just take a stroll. Such a beautiful peaceful park in the middle of the City of Burnaby, barbeque in the quiet secrecy of tall trees.



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