If I commit to writing a blog post regarding commitment, does that fulfill a commitment?

Anyways, does anyone besides me understand me?


Everytime I go somewhere out there, I get all excited about vlogging or blogging of my travels. But when I actually come back and unpack, and get down to having to do editing, I somehow get distracted by rather important questions. Does anyone besides me feel interested in where I’ve been, or what I’ve brought to show? If not, why do I go thru all the trouble; why not just leave it in my digital pile ‘o stuff, to be dug up someday? Am I doing this just for my convenience? Or will someone stumble by, and say “it’s kinda interesting”?


One thought on “Commit

  1. I think you ask yourself too many questions which sabotage your doing. Whatever you do you do it for yourself, if it makes you happy then it’s already a lot because if you’re happy you are aligned to your inner Self, your positive vibrations rise and you become a better person towards everyone around you. And then you attract attention to your work too. So if writing makes you feel good you need to do it even if this would be the only reason to do it

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