20170827 • Yay Pakhar

As we grow older and develop our little quirks and habits, we value our privacy more and more. With a regular job and income, renting or for some people purchasing, their own property is a normal transition. In our teens we wanted to move our to escape our overbearing parents, in university we wanted to move out from aggravating roommates, and finally with a rent-paying career, we’ve just grown in the habit of having our own space and doing things our own ways. And since my student days, I haven’t had to share a room with a roommate for a loooooong time. Being able to date friends for small vacation gets harder and harder.

So, I should thank Pakhar, for this opportunity to share a PA room with my colleague. Although I prolly tossed and turned, snored and sleepwalked, but it was nice to have someone I felt comfortable enough with to share my little quirks. Thanks for putting up with me, 😂V


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