2018Feb10 • Owwie…

2018Feb10 • Owwie

Never even saw it coming. Trying to get off the bus in time before the door closes, the tones beep as if they were about to close, so I make a leap… and fell… Orz…

Landing with both hands and knees on the pavement, and momentarily so dizzy I couldn’t get up. Oww. So dizzy I almost blacked out fuzzy. Oww. Scrapped my poor innocent knees and had to wince on each step home. Oww. Once there, had to peel my leggings off the scrapings. Oww. And the inner nurse in me, just had to disinfect the wound with 0.05% chlorhexidine, you know, just in case, and cover it up with a nice little dressing. Oww.

But I still took the time to Instagram it. Orz…


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