~~♥  Da  ♥~~

Born one summer morning of June 12th, in sunny California.  I love seeing new things and traveling.  I love remembering every little raindrop dancing on the window sill and that ray of sunshine playing with the rainbow.  I like to remember every thing that has happened to me, around me, through photography, art, and writing.

~~♥  Blog  ♥~~

Apparently, I’ve been blogging since Nov 2002. At least that was the first blog post on Xanga. Since then, I’ve tried other sites like Tabulas, Blogger, and even paying $15/mo private hosting, but still eventually came back to WordPress. It’s not so much that they have amazing features, but their reliability and long-standing history that keeps me here, afterall, what’s the point of a blog that goes out of fad every few years. Of course, their ease of use is always great.  Although I do wish they allow for more flexibility, more customization.

Blogging for me has gone from venting to remembering. Funny how seeing my contents change as time goes by. I guess that’s what it means by growing up.

What do I blog about? I hate limiting myself to a particular genre whilst blogging. Afterall, this blog is about me. What I like, don’t like, what I see, what I don’t see, what I hope to see… and I guess it’s a bit like me, I enjoy so many things.

~~♥  Photos and Photography  ♥~~

I actually quite love taking photos; they preserve a fleeting memory and serves a reminder when things look bleak. I had a Sony cybershot with beauty mode (man, did i love taking selfies back then) but it started groaning and refused to work during my trip to Singapore :'(. My next favourite (i only had two!) Canon PowerShot (a gift from my dear daddy, who chose it with SO much consideration and research, teehee) got intensely overworked, and after taking a fall high up from Seattle tower had to RIP. Nowadays, I almost exclusively use my iPhone for any phototaking urges. Yep i’m a disgrace to the photography world, but I love it, it’s always by my side, it’s got HDR and photo editing apps, so there 8-).

~~♥  Wish List  ♥~~

It’s always nice to have something to look forward to…

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